Saturday, October 13, 2007

New Designs and Knitting Class!!
Knitting class starts this Tuesday night! I'm so excited! I'm taking the class myself. It's being taught by Antoinette Indge, designer of the clothing line Cinderloop (, and master of all things knit. . .knitted. . .I'll go with knit. If you'd like to sign up for the class just go to and click on classes. It's 3 Tuesday evenings from 6:30-8:30pm.

A couple of new Flirt pieces have hit the racks this week. We have our beautiful silk Kimono tops shown here in the Birds on a Wire print. There is also an awesome multi stripe that you'll have to come to Flirt to check out (or just keep checking the blog until we finally take a picture of it).

There is also the Cropped Kimono Jacket! I love, love, love this jacket. The buttons are fantastic! I'm posting two pics because I want you to see the amazing details that make this such a special piece.
The blue silk lining peeks just-so out of the sleeve and it's a perfect piece for this fall's rising waist lines and will make a great transitional jacket back into spring next year. Gotta think ahead, ladies!
Patti whipped up this really adorable custom snap skirt this week

The black and white polka dots make it perfect!
Also come by to check out all the gorgeous fall knits that are starting to pour into Flirt! Volang, Wooden Ships, and our own Mia Cabana have beautiful hats, scarves, armwarmers and other cozies to wrap yourselves in! We're so glad fall is finally here!!

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