Monday, March 30, 2009

Patti's Pick Of The Week!

Before Netflix I used to go to the locally owned video store near my apartment to rent my VHS tapes and I'd always make a beeline for my favorite shelf: Staff Pics of the Week. With so many movies to choose from it was always so helpful to have someone boil it down for me and tell me what they thought was really worth getting and why. Not to mention that the guys and girls behind the counter at the video store really knew what they were talking about and showed me things I would have never picked up on my own. Now that I mention it I feel like I should get back in the habit of visiting my local video store for just this reason.

Anyway. . .

At Flirt, we really do love almost everything but all of us have our preferences and all of us have a different sense of style which draws each of us to covet certain pieces. Because our stock changes so regularly and is often produced in such small quantity we thought we should do our own version of that great video store shelf to draw out those special things you might not get a chance to see. So a couple times a week we'll be having the ladies at Flirt pick a favorite piece to showcase for the blog. Today, Patti not only chose a piece but showed us a few different ways it could be worn. Versatility is key.

Above: Red 1940's Blouse by Trashy Diva,
"Hot Mess" necklace by Zachary Pryor,
Melia Patent Leather Pumps by Jeffrey Campbell

Left: Blue/Black Fold and Stitch Top by Cinderloop,
Silhouette Necklace by Classic Hardware,
WL Boots by Jeffrey Campbell

Right: Mama Cass Tshirt in Eggplant by
Alternative Apparel,
Spirited Dress in White by Neesh,
Necklace by Fiona Kelly,
Boots by Shara Porter

If you'd like more information on any of these pieces stop by Flirt in Park Slope or call us at 718-783-0364!

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