Thursday, September 17, 2009

Trashy Diva Strikes Again!!

Do you know about The Diva?

For those of you who do you know how exciting this news is!!

For those of you who are as-of-yet-unaware of the awesome nature of a Trashy Diva dress you should hesitate no longer and get yourself to Flirt! Just slipping into one of these fabulous, vintage-inspired dresses can change how you feel in an instant. The Diva makes a vixen out of all of us. Meant for women with curves, a Trashy Diva dress hugs you in all the right places (and doesn't hug you in all the right places, too, if you know what I mean).

This season we are carrying both their delicious silks dresses and their new, less expensive, stretch cotton and rayon jersey designs.

From left to right:

Jenny 3/4 Sleeve Jersey Dress in Black $150

Annabelle Silk Dress in Retro Floral $253.

Ingrid Dress in Cinnibar $253

Audrey Pencil Dress in Black $109

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