Thursday, March 26, 2009

We're Back! And Better This Time!

Hello all you wonderful Flirtsters! If you are here at our blog, if you even bother checking it anymore considering the last time we actually had a post, then you’ve been perusing the website and hopefully hitting up the our new web-boutique. If you want to go to the store click here! There are so many great new things for spring/summer and more to come on an almost daily basis so keep checking back.

So. . . much to tell. So much has been happening in the world of Flirt since last we met so I won’t go into all of it but I’ll give you a rundown of 2008:

Flirt Smith Street, our original store where the dream of retail independence was born, closed in June of this year. Developers were interested in the property and to ensure the sale they wanted to deliver the buildings vacant so it was so-long Flirt, hello empty storefronts for the last 8 months. I can’t tell you how sad it was to take everything off the shelves. We miss Smith Street and our loyal customers terribly. But we often see those familiar faces at Flirt in Park Slope which is really flattering and wonderful!

Classes have continued at Home Ec and we’ve gotten some really great press as a result. Most recently an article in Page Six magazine where Patti and our most awesome seamstress/retail master Emily G. were quoted. Classes are really filling up every weekend and last weekend we had two full Build a Bag Workshops. We just added more sessions of Build a Bag, Flirt Skirt class, and Altered States which is a class conceived by the most awesome of makers Cal Patch where you can learn how to be your own tailor! If you’ve been thinking about picking up sewing now is the time!

And speaking of Home Ec. . . at the end of 2008, right before Christmas, we decided to embark on one of our other dreams of opening a home store a la Flirt with a great mix of contemporary, handmade, vintage, and vintage inspired home goods. We also have fabric and notions and even some amazing furniture. Here’s what it looks like:

Of course, as I’m sure you said to yourself, it might now have been the greatest time to start a new retail adventure. . . especially on 3rd Avenue which is a bit off the beaten path. But we don’t let things go easily and knew we just had to figure out a way to get people through the doors. And what really brings people out of the woodwork? Big, gigantic sales! After almost ten years in business you have a lot of left over stuff. Clothes, shoes, jewelry, bags, hats, tshirts. You name it we’ve probably got it and you know what we do with it when it’s out of season? We store it. So we figured everyone likes a super sale. Why not just have one ongoing. So every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday we do from 12-6pm and it’s been great. So you should check this blog regularly for updates about what’s new not only at Flirt and Flirt online but also at our overstock sale.

So we’re back! And this time I promise updates about new merchandise, classes, and happenings. Trust me!

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