Thursday, March 26, 2009

New "Sweet Nothings" from In God We Trust

Many of you are familiar with these naughty little necklaces from Brooklyn based In God We Trust known to those in the know as "Sweet Nothings". Be you sugar and spice or salt and sassafras there is a little brass heart with you written all over it! Classic favorites like Bless This Mess and Balls To The Wall now share display space at Flirt with our new obsessions: Willing and Able and, yes, Stuff My Muff (I can't even type it without smirking). If these seem too tawdry for you there are sweeter Sweet Nothings but interestingly enough it seems most times the naughtier the better.

To find the little brass heart that says it all about you stop by Flirt or check them out online.

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