Monday, April 13, 2009

We LOVE Elsie Q.

There are a few designers we'd really like to get inside the mind of and top on everyone's list at Flirt is Angela Smith of Elsie Q. We never know what we're going to see when she comes in. She is always full of surprises! Sometimes it's tea towels with grizzly bears or billiard tables, sometimes tshirts with goldfish and googly eyes, and sometimes, when the stars perfectly align, there are Wiener Dogs. . .

Yes, Weiner Dogs. These amazing little guys are lovingly created by Angela from scraps of felt and flannel and you can't look at them without grinning. They are so colorful we couldn't help but put them all over the shop!

Of course Angela isn't limited to the canine variety of handmade delights. No, no, no!!! There are crocheted octopi and knitted teapots, too!

In addition to these adorable creatures Angela produces silkscreened tshirts and home goods, dresses, bags, and much more.

What we love most about Angela is her willingness to infuse everything she makes with a lot of color and a little humor. For more Elsie Q. items stop by Flirt!

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